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Stuck in a rut

Careers rarely stay on the same trajectory from start to finish. Some practitioners get stuck somewhere in between, and that stagnation can lead to job dissatisfaction. Whether they've been in the same role too long, hit a career plateau or are simply burned out, project veterans sometimes need a jolt to boost their enthusiasm. This article discusses how veteran project professionals can stay passionate and energized. In doing so, it reports the results of a 2011 global survey--conducted by Mercer--showing that as many as 56 percent of employees expressed a desire to leave their jobs and a survey conducted by Right Management in 2012 showing that 65 percent of North American workers said they are unsatisfied in their current job. In this article, four project professionals offer advice on staying fresh in a project management career. These are their recommendations: add value to the organizations you work for and disseminate the project management culture and benefits; keep advancing technically and practical
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