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this kind, and as professionals generally, not to congratulate yourselves on your successes but to take this time to carefully examine your failures and your shortcomings. To share your doubts — to test and probe to develop new technologies and new techniques. To stimulate yourselves to greater efforts. Not fortify yourselves so you can go back to your desks and do the same old thing next year. Where is the piercing self-examination we associate with the professionals? The college of surgeons doesn't save its appendix operations for its annual meetings. Its toughest operations are performed in full view of the collegium. These men share their uncertainties and their doubts in an attempt to improve their art. How about you?

So I tell you there is a challenge. The challenge is not just of PMI and its membership. The challenge is to the nation, and PMI can and should play a role in meeting it. And I say that if you are to meet it you must open up the doors and windows and let in the fresh air of objective and critical self-examination. As an immediate step in that direction you should establish better communications with the rest of the world. Why is it that none of the panelists ever heard of PMI before?

Change your charter and your doctrine. Make yourselves explicitly international. Establish some sort of a presence in San Paulo or Rio. Let my friends in the developing countries have access to your skills and capabilities. And, most important, don't be complacent. Recognize that you have an obligation to improve the project management technology, not just to use it.

Leon J. Rosenburg

Ed. note: As a result of a contract with the Agency for International Development of the U.S. Department of State, Envirodyne Planalog is preparing a Directory of Training Resources in Project Management in the following categories:

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As each category of materials is complete, they will be published in the Project Management Quarterly on a regular basis. (The last issue contained a listing of self-teaching materials in project management.) The cases listed may be obtained from the Intercollegiate Case Clearing House, Soldiers Field, Boston, Mass. 02163 at 6 cents per page.

Robert B. Youker

Arrow Diagramming Exercise Number: HBS ICH 13P21, EP-P, 381 Date: 1965 Application/Cross Reference: new product

Perting a Pump Unit Number: HB3 EA-P 383 Date: 1965 Description: simple pert exercise (3 time estimate)

Organizational Design

Maple Oil Company Number: HBS ICH 9G 240, PR 5F Date: 1964 Description: simple look at the projec tmanager type of organization in a research lab

Spaceage, Inc. Number: HBS 9-363-015, MM-18-R (A) Date: 1963 Rev. 70; Number: HBS 4-363-oil, MM-19R (B) Date: 1963 Rev. 70 Description: analysis of matrix vs. project organization Application/Cross Reference: Aerospace

Executive Development Center Number: EDC-61 (D) Date: 1964 Description: analysis of matrix vs. project organization Application/Cross Reference: Aerospace

Atlas Electronics Corporation Number: Long Island University ICH 12G64 (A) Date: 1968; Number: ICH 12G65 (B) Date: 1968 Description: A — functional vs. project organization; B — what kind of man for project manager Application/Cross Reference: engineering project

The ASP Project Number: HBS MM, 51 (A) Date: 1964; Number: HBS MM, 53 (C) Date: 1964; Number: HBS MM, 54 (D) Date: 1964; Number: HBS MM, 55 (E) Date: 1964 Description: analysis of functional vs. project vs. matrix organization project management system Application/Cross Reference: aerospace

Project Teams

Sturbridge Electronic Corporation Number: HBS ICH-3H34, EA-P, 248 Date: 1956 Description: interpersonal relations in a matrix organization Application/Cross Reference: matrix

Northern Electronic Co. Ltd. Number: HBS ICH 13H62, HP 659 (A) Date: 1968 Description: how to organize a new project

Torrence Industries Number: HBS ICH 13H60, HP 657 (A) Date: 1968; Number: HBS ICH 13H61, HP 658 (B) Description: use of project teams in a manufacturing plant Application/Cross Reference: manufacturing

The Systems Group Number: HBS ICH 14 H13, EA-A 550 R (A) Date: 1967 Rev. ‘69; Number: ICH 14 H14, EA-A 551R (B) , 6-414-015 Date: 1967 Rev. ‘69; Number: ICH 14H15, EA-A 552 (C) Date: 1967; Number: ICH 13H66, HP 663R (D) Date: 1968 Rev. ‘68; Number: ICH 13H67 (E) Date: 1968 Rev. ‘68 Number: ICH 13H68, HP 665 (F) Date: 1968 Description: Matrix management — includes organizational development & interpersonnel relations on project teams

The Project Manager

Who should be program manager? Number: PML-18-R Date: 1967 Description: matching the manager to the job


Planets (Planning and Network Simulation Manual) Number: HBS EA-P, 438R Date: 1969 Rev. ‘69; Number: EA-P, 438 Date: 1969 Description: network exercise on time and cost tradeoffs

Resource Allocation

A Brief Primer on Project Network Scheduling under Resource Restraints Number: HBS EA-P, 456 Description: text on resource allocation

Reporting and Control

The Bomach Project Number: HBS 9-672-072 Date: 1971 Description: the installation of a computer CPM system Application/Cross Reference: engineering projects


Chase Brass and Copper Company Number: 9613-073, ICH 13P73, EA-P, 395R Date: 1967; Number: EA-P, 395 Date: 1967 Description: using a network to control a maintenance shutdown Application/Cross Reference: continuous process industry


The Kent Corporation Number: HBS 4-672-090 Date: 1972 Description: how a construction manager operates

Construction Associates, Inc. Number: HBS ICH 10P60, EA-P, 377 Date: 1965 Description: a network exercise with least cost scheduling included Application/Cross Reference: networking-cost control

Space Constructors Inc. Number: HBS ICH 13P20, EA-P, 380 Date: 1965 Description: cost-time analysis of a simple network Application/Cross Reference: networking

Vappi and Company, Inc. Number: HBS 4-371296, BP-1000 Date: 1971 Rev. ‘72 Description: organization and management of a construction company Application/Cross Reference: organization

Edificaciones Solans S.A. Number: 1NCAE HBS ICH 13P72, EA-P, 393 Description: construction scheduling for a home builder Application/Cross Reference: international, networks

Brindal-Arvon Construction Co., Inc. Number: HBS 9-674-004 Date: 1973 Description: computer CPM for construction company Application/Cross Reference: computer CPM

Sunshine Builders, Inc. Number: HBS ICH 6P24, EA-P, 283 Date: 1961 Description: scheduling of home construction

Continental Realy Enterprises, Inc. Number: HBS 9-671-106, EA-P 515 Date: 1971 Rev. ‘73 Description: use of computer CPM for large building construction and problems of implementing a system Application/Cross Reference: computer CPM

George B.H. Macomber Company Number: HBS 9-673-126 Date: 1973 Description: the cost, schedule and resources control system for a general contractor Application/Cross Reference: computer CPM

New Product Introduction

Chipmunk Peanut Butter Number: HBS EA-M, 491 R (A) Date: 1966 Description: use of network to accelerate market introduction date

Project Management at Smith, Kline & French Labs Number: HBS 9-673-050 Date: 1972 Rev. ‘73 Description: use of computer CPM for scheduling and resource allocation on new drug research Application/Cross Reference: computer CPM

Engineering Development

Thermodyne, Inc. Number: HBS 3-172-024 Date: 1964 Rev. ‘72 Description: schedule & cost analysis on a project in trouble

Datomatic Reader Number: HBS ICH 9P53 Description: analysis of computer cost and schedule reports on a complicated engineering project

Defender Eelctronics Incorporated Number: HBS ICH 9 P64, 1M 1756 (A) Date: 1963 Description: introduction to networking; Number: ICH 9P65, 1M 1757 (B) Date: 1963; Number: ICH 9P66, 1M 1758 (C) Date: 1963

Performance Measurement at DCD Number: HBS 9-673-039 Date: 1972 Description: a complete project management system including control room for engineering development


Wide Scope Number: HBS 1-637-025 (A) Date: 1972; Number: 1-637-025 (B) Date: 1972; Number: 1637-026 (C) Date: 1972 Description: designing and installing a management system for a three year temporary government project Application/Cross Reference: management systems

Addiction Control in New York City Number: HBS 1-372-147 (B) Date: 1972 Rev. ‘72 Description: role of a project coordinator in a government project

New York City Housing Authority Incinerator Air Pollution Abatement Project Number: HBS 1372-127 Date: 1971; Number: 4-372-127 Date: Rev. ‘72 Description: analysis of progress on a complicated government project

New York City Project Management Staff Number: HBS 9-470-005, HP 705 Date: 1969 Description: description of the NYC staff


Gyarat State Fertilizers Co. Ltd. Number: Indian Institute of Management ICH 11P13 (A) Date: 1967; Number: ICH 11P14 (B) Date: 1967; Number: ICH 11P15 (C) Date: 1967 Description: the story of how CPM was used in constructing a large chemical fertilizer plant in India

Jamhuri Sawmills Number: HBS 4-672-039 Date: 1971 Description: a medium difficulty exercise in networking with a followup on project status Application/Cross Reference: networking exercise

Approximately 600 persons attended the Biennial Meeting of the International Management Systems Association (INTERNET) in Paris this Fall. The next Conference will be in England in 1976 with an Expert's Symposium on Cost Control in Zurich in the Summer of 1975.

The Conference was broken into a number of different sections with a large number of papers presented. Copies of the two volumes of the papers can be obtained from the publishing organization:

North-Holland Publishing Company

P.O. Box 103


The Netherlands

The scope of the meeting is illustrated by the papers presented, listed below.

Multiprojects operations control

Multiproject Management

K.H. Rusberg

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