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to gain a competitive edge, organizations must build a culture that recognizes the value of project and program management

Every organization wants to deliver better results. But some consistently outpace the competition, while others remain stuck in the middle of the pack. Over the years, PMI's Pulse of the Profession® research has found that high-performing organizations -- those that deliver 80 percent of projects on time, on budget and meeting original goals -- are more likely to use proven project, program and portfolio management practices. Yet, PMI's 2016 Pulse of the Profession® report found that most organizations aren't committed to increasing their project management capabilities, with only 1 in 4 using standardized practices across the entire organization. This is partly due to a lack of clarity around how project management helps organizations meet their strategic goals. Only slightly more than half of organizations say they fully understand the value of project management, and less than half report high alignment of projects to organizational strategy, according to the 2016 Pulse report.
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