A deliverable-oriented EVM system suited to a large-scale project

Project management offers those organizations working on large projects a process comprising a myriad of possible approaches that can help them successfully realize their project goals. This paper discusses the project management approach that CERN (Geneva, Switzerland), the European laboratory for particle physics, is using to construct its Large Hadron Collider (LHC) project, an approach that integrates a CERN-developed, deliverable-oriented earned value management (EVM) system to improve reporting transparency and distinguish between costs incurred from overruns and costs incurred from delays. It describes how this system provides CERN with a reactive information system that facilitates more informed project decision-making. It also explains the planning and reporting rationale informing CERN?s EVM system; it outlines a project activity planning, scheduling, and monitoring model--deliverable-oriented project system (DOPS)--for improving project performance.
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