A Place to Remember

Teams Building Facilities for People with Dementia Learn from the Past

There's a 20,000-square-foot (1,858-squaremeter) warehouse in California, USA adorned floor-to-ceiling with 1950s decor, from photos of Elvis Presley to a working Ford Thunderbird. Despite the decor, the US$3 million Glenner Town Square that opened last year in Chula Vista is intended for comfort—not kitsch. The project is part of a growing trend of so-called Alzheimer's villages, which aim to redefine care for people with dementia by placing them in surroundings that feel like normal, everyday life. Until recently, patients of these degenerative brain diseases often lived out their final years in hospital-like environments—a potentially unsettling context for a population that might not remember where they are in the first place.
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