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What Metrics Do You Need?

Few topics are more central to the art and science of managing projects than "project success." It would seem to be self-evident that every person involved in the management of a project will be striving to make it successful. So surely there can be nothing too difficult about measuring project success. Not true! Difficulties abound for many reasons: the different viewpoints, interests and expectations of groups of stakeholders involved in any given project; the subjective nature of perceptions of "success"; the tendency of perceptions to evolve over extended periods of time; the difficulty of assessing complex phenomena using simple metrics-the list is a lengthy one.On closer examination, project "success" turns out to be a rather slippery subject! As if that were not challenge enough, projects in organisations come in all shapes and sizes, and yet the performance of each of them must be monitored, and decisions must be taken both inside and outside of the project in the light of changing circumstances.New r
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