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the early literature of modern project management

This article overviews the early literature of modern project management, which began with writings about the nature of work organization and the use of teams to accomplish tasks. PERT/CPM techniques arose in the context of large defense systems procurement in the 1950s. Lt. General Bernard A. Schriever, the 'father of modern project management,' is credited with creating and applying the concurrency concept to the Atlas intercontinental ballistic missile weapons system. Although Gantt charts, documented by Henry Gantt in 1919, remained a popular scheduling method prior to World War II, computers vastly improved scheduling methods beginning in 1959. The early and mid-1960s saw more thought devoted to the use of project teams and the monitoring and coordination of resources. John E. Mee introduced the 'matrix' organizational approach in 1964, and by 1968, the matrix organization concept was well established.
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