Key drivers to the effectiveness in managing multiple projects

an empirical investigation in an IT organization of a large financial institution

Because of resource limitation as well as the nature of the projects that are being implemented, project managers in many organizations are tasked to lead more than one project at a time. In this research, they are referred to as multiple-project managers.While this multiple project management (MPM) practice has been used widely in industries, MPM research at the project manager level is still limited.The objective of this empirical study is to identify the factors influencing the effectiveness of MPM.Previous research has found that to be successful in simultaneously leading different projects, project managers need supports from their organization, such as reasonable assignments, sufficient and sustainable resource allocation, and specific organizational culture.They also have to possess a distinct set of competencies and have a good utilization of project management processes.Based on a survey with IT project managers of one of the world’s largest financial institutions, the author found that te
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