How filters and perceptions influence your thinking, behavior and success in project management

"mind dancing" as a way to success and leadership

Since learning cycles are one of the most important pillars of project management methodologies, the profession is evolving by extending the instrumental boundaries to "other skills." The maturity of a project manager can be seen as a growth path along used hard and soft skills. In the beginning, project management methodologies were based solely on cognitive competences and task-oriented-skills; the first introduction of soft skills was based mostly on professional (read personal) behaviour such as self-presentation and problem solving. The seniority and maturity of a project manager became more clear when this person was able to use reflective and emotional coaching with his customer and his project team to exercise power and control. This presentation will focus on the next level of a manager's maturity and seniority and will create or enrich awareness of human filters, perceptions and assumptions starting with your own, to enable you to do interpretative and reframing management. This will be especially h
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