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PMI 2002 Project of the Year

Saudi Aramco's Hawiyah gas plant

Although natural gas is one of the planet's most precious natural resources, project management has again proven itself as one of the most valuable human resources. When in the early-1990s Saudi Aramco--Saudi Arabia's natural gas provider--recognized its need for a new facility to appropriately service estimated future demand, it turned to project management to help it realize its goal. This article discusses how Saudi Aramco used project management practices-from assembling the team to closing the project-to design and build (in less than three years) a massive gas plant. The article shows that in Saudi Aramco's use of these practices during the project's five realization phases, its team was able to complete the plant four months ahead of schedule and nearly ten percent (more than US$200 million) under budget. The team's use of project management, this article states, enabled it to perform welding operations with a rejection rate of less than four percent on the structure and less than two percent on the pipelines; these practices enabled the team--during its last 36 million man--hours-to work without any lost-time incidents.
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