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Harvard business review articles on project/program management

in the paging of the bound series, I think we will want to use it.

Again, let me say “thanks” – – you really have been a wonderful help. I Just hope that we can get this idea in print without much more delay!

David W. Ewing

Senior Associate Editor

Harvard Business Review

Wickesberg & Cronin
Jonason, Per
Management by Task Force
Project Management,
    Swedish Style
Nov-Dec 1962
Nov-Dec 1971
Dooley, Arch
Dusenberry, Warren
Interpretation of PERT
CPM for New Product
Mar-Apr 1964
Jul-Aug 1967
Gaddis, Paul O.
Hansen, Joseph J.
The Project Manager
The Case of the Precarious
May-Jun 1959
Jan-Feb 1968
Middleton, C. J. How to Set UP a Project
Mar-Apr 1967
Lawrence, Paul R.
  Lorsch, Jay W.
New Management Job: the
Nov-Dec 1967
Miller, Robert W. How to Plan and Control
   With PERT
Mar-Apr 1962
Schoderbeck, Peter P.
   & Digman, Lester A.
Third Generation, PERT/LOB Sep-Oct 1967
Levy, F. K., Thompson,
   G. L., & Wiest, J. D.
The ABCs of the Critical
   Path Method
Sep-Oct 1963
Wiest, J. D. Heuristic Programs for
   Decision Making
Sep-Oct 1966
Paige, Hilliard W. How PERT-Cost Helps the
    General Manage
Nov-Dec 1963
Howell, Robert A.
Block, Ellery B.
Multiproject Control
    Better Project Control
Mar-Apr 1968
May-Jun 1971
Saitow, Arnold R. C3PC: Reporting Project
   Progress to the Top
Jan-Feb 1969
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