Improving project delivery and resource utilization

information flow versus relationships

To meet the challenges of competing in today's marketplace, the Xerox Corporation (Rochester, NY, USA) is reengineering its operations. Now, the company is strategically focusing its efforts on connecting with customers, delivering technology that addresses market needs, and helping customers improve productivity--endeavors that Xerox is realizing via its Leadership Through Quality Process (LTQP). This article discusses how Xerox is developing its information systems (IS)--via its LTQP initiative--into accurate, reliable, and responsive technology. In doing so, it describes Xerox's effort to standardize its IS work across the enterprise, an effort implemented using a project management work breakdown structure (WBS); it identifies the advantage of using standard work processes and the benefits of standardizing its project management functions. It overviews this improvement effort's evolution, noting the reasons driving its development and its reason for selecting a mainframe computer-based system to control its project management process. It then explains how this system has helped Xerox accomplish standardize its IS processes and realize its LTQP goals. It also details Xerox's processes for improving team productivity and project reporting and its approach to gaining the internal support it needed to realize this cultural change initiative.
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