Information systems project management decision making

the influence of experience and risk propensity

Numerous researchers have reported on the difficulties involved in implementing information systems (IS) projects, particularly on those challenges related to meeting time, cost, and scope targets. Many have also suggested reasons why IS projects often fail. This article discusses a study--involving 466 project professionals--that examines how an IS project manager's levels of project experience and risk propensity can affect an IS effort's outcome. In doing so, it overviews the field's literature on IS project outcomes, noting the key issues that affect a project manager's performance in managing IS projects. It defines the concepts of risk perception and risk propensity, listing as well as this study's two hypotheses. It then outlines the research methodology and reports the survey findings, analyzing the findings in relation to the hypotheses and describing the implications of these findings in relation to future subject-area research. Accompanying this article are three appendices, each of which contains a portion of this study's survey.
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