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Malcolm Gladwell on intuition

TIME magazine described Malcolm Gladwell as one of the 100 most influential people in the world for his outside-the-box interpretations of social science research. One of his most notable findings was the value of intuition. This article features a Q&A with Malcolm Gladwell, who is the keynote speaker at the PMI Global Congress 2011. In this article, Mr. Gladwell discusses the importance of intuition and the 10,000 hours concept mentioned in his book Outliers. He also talks about emotional intelligence (EQ) and innate intuition. Furthermore, Mr. Gladwell explains the key differentiators between leaders and laggards, summarizes the types of decisions that lend themselves to intuitive analysis, and provides examples of intuitive thinking. In addition, Mr. Gladwell identifies situations where intuition can lead a decision maker astray. He concludes with advice for project managers.
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