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Implementing integrated product development

a case study of Bosma Machine and Tool Corporation

At the same time the President's Blue-Ribbon Commission on Defense Management noted that weapons systems take too long to develop, cost too much to produce, and often lack quality, the private sector was attributing its own success in these areas to Integrated Product Development. Due to the success of Integrated Product Development (IPD), Bosma appointed Self-Directed Work Teams (SWDT) to implement the principles of IPD in its M-1 Tank Ammunition Door project for the United States Army. Bosma methodically organized teams, identified and addressed barriers to successful integration, provided training and education to the newly identified team members, and used rewards and recognition to motivate employees. Success was measured using a vision and mission statement, and tracking daily output in various aspects including productivity, quality, customer satisfaction, cost, and schedule compliance. Recommendations for the process, as well as management and general policies are outlined.
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