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Intelligent disobedience

Intelligent disobedience is the act of defying authority with good reason, of questioning the merits of decisions made by organizational leaders when they select and manage projects. Such defiance can save an enterprise from investing in the wrong projects and from making decisions that could harm its stability. This article explains why project managers should assert intelligent disobedience. In doing so, it describes the benefits of actively assessing one's own skills as well as the skills of coworkers; it discusses the significance of being accountable for one's responsibilities, in relation to project outcomes, in relation to the project manager's role of monitoring and reporting team performance. It also examines the project manager's role in saying "no" to executive-level decisions that do not match organizational strategies and objectives. It then details the case of electronics manufacturer Kenwood, of how it introduced a form of intelligent disobedience to successfully restructure its former six-silo
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