Getting your ducks in a row

success strategies for technology projects large or small

Learn strategies for ensuring success on any internal business technology project, large or small. The presenters successfully applied these strategies to two technology projects: one large (multi-million dollar budget over four years) and one small (annual budget of less than $1 million). The first project moved a legacy system to a Web platform, updating it to reflect current business practises, and automating associated processes to improve productivity and customer satisfaction. The scope was large and ambitious and included a large and diverse team to manage. The project suffered from setbacks and delays, with a general feeling that the requirements were "a moving target." At a critical point, the team worked punitive hours and morale was extremely low: everyone felt there was "no good end in sight." The second project aimed to make the business "better and smarter" by realigning core competencies and changing inefficient/duplicate user processes.
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