Los Angeles Metro Rail

A world-class rail system

The first 4.4 miles of the Metro Red Line subway in Los Angeles opened in January, 1993, with another 19 miles yet to complete. This article showcases the building of what will eventually be a US $9 billion project by the TEAMETRO team, comprised of the Rail Construction Corporation (RCC), its consultants and contractors. A mission statement specified that the project was requirement-driven, customer-focused, and long-term oriented; and the vision statement reflected the team's ultimate goals. Numerous technological challenges faced the team, including regional seismic activity, the presence of hydrocarbon gases, and the possibility of encountering underground contaminants. The five principles governing project objectives and scope emphasized team effort, the achievement of public confidence, the use of financial incentives, and utilization of Los Angeles' disadvantaged, women- and minority-owned businesses. A formalized lessons learned program is being implemented to encourage continuous improvement.
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