Man in Motion world tour

a personal history

The vision and inspiration that project leaders bring to their projects is a seminal yet often undervalued element of managing projects. This article examines the impact that the vision and inspiration of one man had on accomplishing an ambitious project involving significant challenges: It documents an extraordinary accomplishment performed by Rick Hansen, a paraplegic athlete who has successfully completed and won numerous international wheelchair marathons--the accomplishment of wheeling around the world (a total of 24,901 miles) to raise international awareness for the capabilities of the disabled, an effort known as the Man in Motion project. This article explains the project’s concept and its evolution into reality, describing the processes Mr. Hansen and his supporters used to plan and prepare for a journey that generated $20,000,000 in charitable contributions, a journey completed for less than seven cents on the dollar. It also details the milestones of Mr. Hansen’s two-year, worldwide tour, a project that began on March 21, 1985 and ended on May 22, 1987. It then describes the processes used to manage the project schedule, logistics, fundraising, and personnel. It also describes Mr. Hansen’s two customized wheelchairs, including one designed for winter weather. It concludes by identifying the lessons the project team learned about managing projects.
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