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Building Customer Experience into Each Phase Mitigates Risks for Digital Projects

In today's hyper-connected world, digital project missteps can be amplified in seconds. Products can be doomed before there's even a chance to fix them when rankled customers rake project teams over the coals on social media. Case in point: Poncho the weather bot, a chatbot created last year for Facebook's Messenger platform. Poncho used artificial intelligence to serve up cheeky answers to questions about the weather. But as soon as it debuted, many customers took to Twitter, posting screenshots showing how the technology in many cases failed to comprehend customers' questions. Such glitches can have crippling consequences for customer loyalty: One in four customers will discontinue use of a product after just one bad touch point, according to McKinsey's The CEO Guide to Customer Experience. But that risk can be mitigated if project managers weave customer insights and needs into the core of projects from the start.
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