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This article explores how a Singapore bank team convinced its executive management to accept a coupon-based mobile app (Breeze Living) project with a non-financial ROI goal. In doing so, it details how the project team based its proposal for the new app on a project that had been launched previously (Breeze). The team shared lessons learned about the development process before the new initiative began, and eventually the sponsors were sold on the project despite the fact that ROI wasn't tied to financial gains but to brand visibility. The lessons learned included design guidelines, app development practices, and strategic guidance. In addition, the article explains the prototype phase and the testing phase. The current version of the app is available for the iPhone and uses GPS to identify discounts at nearby merchants. The app offers several ways to search for coupons, such as by category or "daily deal." The company hopes that these features will appeal to young consumers and connect with them in a personal
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