Project Management in Mobile Internet

A New Methodology based on True Success Stories

The Mobile Internet (MI) market is currently developing and creating the future revenue streams. Therefore a high revenue business yet has not been formed. Many MI players are experimenting with new services, building partnerships, developing business models, and marketing communication strategies to pave the way for the MI business expansion. In this developing market, there are various players from start-ups to big corporations in different markets such as advertising, movie, and even food industries. Most of these players are new to the telecom market and do not know much about telecom market dynamics or other players. In this complex picture, there are no regulations or laws set specifically to guide the MI businesses. Since high revenue businesses have not been completely formed yet, the budget assigned by companies for MI projects are small. As a consequence, project managers face projects with small budget, but they have still many difficult challenges to overcome. These challenges make management of t
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