Partners in urban development

the rebirth of the New Orleans riverfront

This article showcases the re-development of multi-faceted, cross-industry projects along the New Orleans (United States) Central Area Riverfront over a period of decades. A revitalization effort began in 1969, and in the early 1980s a study of the riverfront wharves laid the groundwork to further redevelopment plans. Expo '84 saw numerous local, state, and private partnerships that resulted in the creation of a Riverfront Streetcar, the Aquarium of the Americas, and Woldenberg Park. In 1991, the City Planning Commission (CPC) submitted a plan envisioning a multitude of projects for the entire 26 miles of riverfront on both sides of the Mississippi River. Among the lessons learned by working in this environment are the need for project managers to serve many functions, to adapt daily to a changing political environment, and to become more multi-dimensional, and able to cross-fertilize with colleagues in different fields.
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