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there's a first time for everything, including project and program governance. Here are five tips for doing it right.

You've found yourself as the sponsor of a new project, the one that's supposed to change the way your organization does business. Your business unit is going to be one of the most affected areas, so it makes sense for you to take the role. But you've never served as a project sponsor before, and so, apart from applying common sense and calling on past experience, you're not sure what to look out for. Here are five tips for ensuring your inaugural project or program governance journey is a successful one: 1) understand the key value drivers and keep the focus on the big picture; 2) define the structures, roles, responsibilities and processes; 3) make decisions: do not receive updates passively; 4) ask the right questions: challenge, challenge, challenge: and 5) contribute to a strong tone at the top.
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