Optimizing Human Capital with a Strategic Project Office

How to Select, Train, Measure and Reward People for Organization Success

Many organizations that initiate projects to improve their market position are those also in need of innovative approaches for redefining their conventional--and now outdated--human resources operations, from one focused on managing employee concerns into one dedicated to optimizing human performance. One such approach is the strategic project office (SPO). This paper examines how organizations can use SPOs to develop and implement project-oriented human resource management processes. In doing so, it discusses the value of human capital in project management, identifying four people problems causing project failure, describing the correlation between human capital management and project success or failure, and listing five "zest factors" of managing people. It then explains a competency-based management-by-project approach to manage project personnel; it identifies the four factors affecting competency and the three factors influencing organizational success. It outlines an SPO staffing structure, defines key
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