Project management maturity case study

what you can do before OPM3™

This case study explains the concepts and practical issues in addressing project management maturity in an organization. It describes the background to maturity models, including PMI®'s Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3™). Although OPM3 is applicable to all industries, a large number of organizations will feel overawed by its range and power. A complementary model, and the supporting tool, is introduced that provides a practical introduction to maturity: this has been named the "Cultural Project Management Effectiveness Model" (CPMEM®). Cultural project management effectiveness is a measure of how well an organization provides all of the support (technical, physical, intellectual, emotional, etc.) in an integrated way so as to ensure that all projects have an optimal chance of meeting their expectations in a predictable and repeatable manner. The case study shows how CPMEM maps questions referring to the project management environment and use of tools directly on to the Knowledge Areas de
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