The pathway to OPM3

a busy project manager's guide to advancing organizational maturity

Imagine you are the director of a newly chartered project management office... Or perhaps, you do not have to imagine! In your charter is a directive to improve the way projects are initiated and executed within your organization. Where do you begin? This presentation is intended to provide you with an approach to using PMI's Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3™) as a tool in that improvement initiative. The presenter will discuss the application of OPM3™ to improvements in the three components of project management: people, process and technology. Drawing on over 10 years of experience with the application of maturity models to organizational improvement initiatives, the presenter will share with you some techniques and tools that you can apply in your endeavor. She will also inform you of some of the pitfalls you should expect along the way, and how to best avoid them.
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