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The view from the inside is always different than the view from the outside, sometimes better; sometimes worse.

The view of PMI as a member may be confusing, frustrating, or even disconcerting. “What am I getting for my money?” must be a question which occurs now and then.

Based on the view from the inside, as a non-voting but very interested member of the Board, the answer to that question starts to become more evident. The intensity of interest, dedication and involvement of the other Board members, the chapter presidents, and others working to make PMI an even more significant professional society is worthy of support. As with any organization, there is constant competition of ideas in the formulation of objectives and plans. This competition brings out the best in all the participants and this peripatetic observer believes that every member would have been pleased with, if not proud of their elected representatives at the Spring Board and CCP Meeting. Their skills in analyzing, planning and communicating are unexcelled by the members of any other professional society. Indeed, it would have been an excellent experience for college undergraduate students to have witnessed the professional competency on display at the Spring Board and CCP Meeting, the competency to which they should aspire.

Getting back to the fundamental question of “What's in it for me?” open view has to be in the long run. Your officers, directors, and chapter presidents are striving to put in place the plans necessary to keep PMI growing in value to each member. Some of this comes in direct services such as the PMJ, PM NETwork, PMI Newsletter, and other publications. Some of it comes from the Software Survey and the new Software Information Project just approved by the Board. Much of it comes indirectly through the inceasing recognition and stature of the profession in the eyes of the public in general and potential clients and employers in particular.

These efforts cost money, money that comes from the dues which you and I pay. An even larger amount comes from the pockets and calendars of the many peole who perform the tasks, spend the time, and often, pay their own expenses for the sake of the profession. These are intangibles which are hard to measure but would be impossible to pay for.

So, the next time someone asks, “What do my dues go for?” Just remind them that it is as small investment in their future upon which they will receive ample return. Then remind them that the return can be enhanced even more by becoming more involved as a volunteer in the operation of PMI such as those listed in the PMJ and as chapter officers and committee membrs.

Here's to bigger and better returns.

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