Project management focus delivers radical improvement to heavy equipment rental fleet and supply-chain management

How many companies would not want to reduce "select" components of their operating costs by 40%? These large-scale savings applied to even a subset of an operating budget can help achieve corporate edicts for expense containment. Such savings are now within reach by applying project management discipline to the often neglected, "nonstrategic" logistical supply chains. Management directed expense containment initiatives related to these nonstrategic supply chains have usually been limited to competitive bidding among suppliers. While these competitive bid efforts provide an illusion of cost management, years of strategic neglect (e.g. a lack of reengineering and business transformation efforts) are now providing large companies with isolated opportunities for significant improvement. Many companies are not aware of the amount of waste created throughout their operations by their failure to leverage select nonstrategic supply chains. As an introduction to this ongoing research effort, this research debriefing w
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