Sasol market share enhanced

record-breaking polypropylene project

Sasol is a South African petrochemical company that began construction of a new polypropylene factory in 1987 and finished it in a record 22 months, an achievement attributed to innovative lateral thinking, commitment, enthusiasm, and hard work. This article overviews this complex project, which earned the 1991 PMI Project of the Year Award. The project team from Sastech (a division of Sasol Industries) decided to split the project into five modules for better implementation, and a multidisciplinary Sastech team in Europe was established to coordinate international communications with the subcontractors and process licensor. The construction execution philosophy included a 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week work schedule, with each activity executed based on early start and early finish principles. Other aspects of the project discussed include the management of time, quality, human resources, risk, and contracts and procurement.
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