A conceptual framework for implementing programs to program completion

reviewing the PFI

The United Kingdom's (UK) National Health Service (NHS) procures many large and complex projects using a Private Finance Initiative (PFI) framework, a model that cannot integrate project delivery and organizational strategy. These projects also lack a standardized life-cycle methodology for sustaining a successful program when comprised of multiple projects defined as complex and dynamic and as differing in size, requirements, and urgency. This paper examines PFI's program management problems. In doing so, it identifies alternative investment models and lists the NHS's nine procurement processes and the UK Office of Government Commerce's (OGC) eight critical success factors. It then explains the OGC's gateway review process and overviews research on improving program management; it outlines an approach to managing programs, identifying its key areas, goals, and function, noting the purpose and responsibilities of a program management office. It also discusses the program life cycle and details a literature re
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