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Reconstructing project management reprised

a knowledge perspective

Many academic researchers are primarily interested in projects as examples of temporary organizations, rather than in questions about building a discipline for the delivery of goals. This paper explores whether there is a discipline for managing projects and that this discipline needs to be enlarged from how many perceive it today. In doing so, it summarizes the mission, content, and results of the book, Reconstructing Project Management (Wiley-Blackwell, 2013) by Peter Morris. The first part traces how knowledge of the field developed, and how the subject has come to be constructed in the way we think of it today. The second part takes this construct apart, or deconstructs it, by describing the range of functions and skills that collectively constitute the latest thinking on the discipline. The third part looks at how these elements of project management may need to be recombined--reconstructed--to meet today's needs and tomorrow's challenges.
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