Project management in information management and movement

rebuilding telecommunications at the World Trade Center

During the past several years, professionals in the information management (IM) industry, particularly those working on telecommunications (telecom) projects, have been increasingly exploring project management and adopting and adapting it to manage telecommunications-related projects. This article serves as an introduction to a special seven-article section on using project management principles to implement telecommunications projects, noting PMI currently effort to investigate how the telecommunications industry is practicing project management. In doing so, it discusses PMI's work in serving the needs of telecommunications project managers, such as developing a special track of lectures on managing telecommunications projects, lectures PMI presenters will offer during the upcoming 1993 PMI Seminars & Symposium (San Diego, CA, USA). It then discusses the work of the PMI Specific Interest Group (SIG) on information management and movement (IM&M), a group which includes members from the telecommunications industry. It defines the SIG's vision and mission statements.
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