Re-engineering an integrated project management system within AT&T-FSAT

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By organizing a project management office (PMO), organizations can establish the processes and gain the tools they can help them implement projects which can realize important organizational objectives. This article discusses how AT&T's Federal Systems Advanced Technologies (FSAT) unit established a project management process organization (PMPO) to both re-engineer its project management process and develop and implement an integrated, financial-based project management toolset. In doing so, it lists the PMPO's responsibilities. It then explains how FSAT developed and deployed its new project management process, describing how it assessed the situation, developed a re-engineering strategy, and defined FSAT's standard project management process. It also details the three critical features of FSAT's project management re-engineering solution. It also overviews the status of FSAT's effort to implement its new solution, identifying the four business benefits of using FSAT's standardized project management process and its integrated toolset.
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