Exploring the development of a profession

lessons for project management from other occupations

A profession is a special kind of occupation with a particular set of characteristics that carries with it a set of privileges and responsibilities, such as law, engineering, medicine and accounting. Many practitioners, when made aware of this distinction, think that attaining professional status for the occupation of project management is a good thing.In fact, the Project Management Institute (PMI) states that its mission is to further the professionalization of project management with the explicit intent of developing a new profession. To further this mission, PMI has provided a research grant to explore the lessons that can be learned from the development of the traditional professions and the activities of other knowledge -based occupations in pursuing professional status in society.This research seeks to fill gaps in both the professionalization and the project management literature by exploring the status of the project management occupation within the world of occupations and professions, and to dr
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