Project managing the SDLC

using milestones to align project management and system development lifecycles and report project success

Managing an IT project involves much more than following the chosen SDLC, yet oftentimes the PM tasks and documents get short shrift under the avalanche of technical deliverables, while the project management skills get overlooked amidst the technical accomplishments. This guided design session will help you discover how to come up with a comprehensive set of milestones that let you align the PM and SD life cycles and allow you to report project success from both perspectives in a more meaningful fashion.We will start by reviewing generic project management and system development life cycles (applicable to virtually any chosen methodology). We will align the two life cycles, phase by phase and process by process, learning project management techniques that facilitate development of technical deliverables, as well as identifying systems deliverables that must be completed in order to satisfy project management objectives.We will identify significant milestones and their prerequisites on both PM and SDLC sides,
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