The rework cycle

how it really works ... and reworks ...

Without an appropriate approach to reworking project work after project launch, project managers cannot deliver project outcomes that meet planned targets and stakeholder expectations. This article describes a framework for reworking project plans, one that can help project managers integrate the changes, uncertainties, and setbacks that naturally occur during the effort into the original project plan--so that the team can deliver a project that meets the client's requirements. In doing so, it identifies the purpose and advantage of using the rework cycle; it describes the traditional view used to manage a program's evolution, the planned view. It discusses the key advantage in using the rework cycle--an understanding of the quality of work, and not only the amount of work, completed. It then outlines the rework cycle, explaining the component of undiscovered rework and the progression of a rework effort. It lists the three critical elements affecting a rework effort; it suggests the ways in which the framework can help project managers improve the outcomes of their projects.
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