Projects and project management in today's Russia

a new frontier

Modern project management in the former Soviet Union (FSU) spread through the country at the same time as the discipline first came to prominence in the west. But because of the differing social conditions driving western countries and the FSU, the discipline evolved in two distinct ways. This article examines the state of project management in today's post-Soviet Russia. In doing so, it describes how the discipline evolved in the FSU, where project management was not accepted as a profession; it discusses why the FSU failed to practice project management when implementing projects, noting how this denial is affecting the current Russian business management culture. It identifies the negative and the positive factors influencing how projects are now implemented in contemporary Russia; it looks at the types of investment projects that are commonly occurring throughout Russia and the challenges involved in realizing these. It then details the current view of project management in Russia, defining the three methodology-based problems affecting Russian project management and listing the areas that Russian managers most need to address. It also overviews the evolution of SOVNET, the Russian project management association, suggesting how Russia and the United States could benefit from cooperating in matters related to project management.
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