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Crowdsourcing projects can tap into a huge talent pool and cut costs, but also raise quality and security risks. This article discusses how companies can adapt their project and portfolio management processes to address the risks crowdsourcing raises. It overviews how Google uses crowdsourcing and the problems Google has encountered. It then explains the role of risk management when crowdsourcing and recommends limiting crowdsourced team members to isolated tasks within a project to protect the organization from risk. The article then discusses how sectors that deal with sensitive information use crowdsourcing. It describes the use of statistical sampling for quality control checks and discusses how crowdsourcing affects integration. It concludes with a discussion on the role of project managers and crowdsourcing in the future. Accompanying the article are two sidebars: the first sidebar explores ways to motivate those in the crowd; the second sidebar discusses the pros and cons of crowdsourcing.
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