Scope management .

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Scope management is a function defined by the ESA Project as “controlling ... the project in terms of the aims, goals and objectives of the sponsor.” This is a project management function with little history of research and limited published material, yet it is clearly a major concern of the project manager. The following material, somewhat more general than materials on other functions, is apparently designed to identify general bounds and definitions as guides to foster and encourage the development of more specific materials relevant to this function.

Scope Management is the process of controlling the scope of the project in terms of the aims, goals and objectives of the sponsor.



PROBLEM SOLUTION — The product of the process of choosing the best solution.

Information Development — Gathering, recording and comprehension of pertinent information.

Problem Statement — A documentation for defining and clarifying of the problem.

Criteria — Demands to be fulfilled.

Alternatives — A collection of differing approaches or solutions.


SCOPE STATEMENT — A documentation of intent as to approach and solution.

Project Parameters — a characteristic element or constant factor.

Technical — As affecting functional or design factors.

Financial — As affecting cost factors.

Social — As affecting the populace.

SCOPE MONITOR — Check, test, observe situations pertaining to scope.

Scope data — Gathering, recording and comprehension of pertinent information.

Measurement — To ascertain or appraise by a criterion.

SCOPE ANALYSIS — Breaking down complex scope situations into simpler ones for their satisfactory solution.

Variance — Not in harmony or agreement.

Effect — Consequence as it reflects on policy, plan and budget.

SCOPE REPORT — A periodic document.

Data — Supporting information.

Displays — Visual presentation of information.

Recommendations — Rationalized course of action.

Writing — Express by means of words.

Scope Management

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