At the stage gate

critical questions for IT project sponsors

A key component of well-managed project portfolios is the skilled management of life-cycle stage gate reviews. Astute project sponsors dialogue with their teams on important business and technical aspects of a project.In this session, participants will be on their feet, tapping the wealth of experience in the room, sharing lessons learned, and contributing to the creation of the session's major deliverable. Guided by two skilled facilitators, and using a generic five-stage project life-cycle, the session design will involve all participants in identifying essential gate review questions that should be discussed by IT Sponsors and their teams prior to Go/No Go decisions. Participant groups will originate the initial working list of questions for the respective gates. By the conclusion of the session, everyone in the room will have the opportunity to dialogue about the questions generated and highlight those believed to be absolutely critical. In summary, this forum session will generate lists of questions, ena
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