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No doubt about it: We live in a Facebook world. Social media channels, large and small, have revolutionized communication—changing the way we connect with others and transforming the very way organizations do business.

Project professionals are no exception, of course. So vendors are now incorporating Facebook-like activity streams into their project management software.

if you're looking for ways to make your project management more social, here are four tools tapping into the trend:

1 LIQUIDPLANNER 3.0: The latest version of this web-based project management tool adds social activity streams to its existing tracking, reporting, organizing and scheduling features. Users can collaborate in real time with features such as @replies, comment streams, “watched” items and change notifications. The main workspace for each project has a Facebook feel to it.

2 SPRINTR: Mendix, the company behind Sprintr, bills it as a lightweight tool “that's sort of Facebook meets Microsoft Project.” Recently introduced in beta, this collaboration software is designed for Agile teams, with the name stemming from the short sprints of development work. The home page is a general activity stream—each project gets its own equivalent of a Facebook wall. Users can also create project “stories,” which their collaborators can then comment on.

3 WRIKE: This online project management tool added activity streams to its list of features last year. The stream is similar to a Twitter feed and can only be seen by a select group of users. When a team member finishes a task or makes an update, it automatically shows in the stream. The software also integrates with outside tools such as RSS feeds, Microsoft Outlook and Google Docs.

4 GOPLAN: Activity streams started showing up in this online project management software more than two years ago. The feature replaced the software's real-time chat functionality, which some people found obtrusive. Users can check a teammate's status by visiting the update page and can revise their own status by using the form at the top of each page.

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