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A Team in Iran Delivers a Colorful Urban Development




Majara Residence is a surreal dream. The series of urban developments on Iran’s Hormuz Island, designed by Tehran’s ZAV Architects, spans 10,300 square meters (110,868 square feet), with shapes and shades that deliver an eye-popping aesthetic designed to mimic the area’s sand and sea.

The roughly 200 interconnected domed buildings contain 15 homes, along with restaurants, cafés, souvenir shops, tourist information and reception areas. ZAV Architects arranged the domes closely together to create a sense of community and give the development a distinctive aesthetic inspired by the island’s natural forms. “The infinite number of colorful particles, be they soil, sand, gravel or stone, pile up and form the rainbow topography of Hormuz Island,” the firm notes on its website.

The settlement also has a clear benefit for the island. Each dome was built with rammed earth and sand, using a low-tech method developed by Nader Khalili. This construction approach, according to the studio, is compatible with the skills of craftsmen in the local community. Using both local materials and local labor, the project team reduces construction and transportation costs and boosts the economy.


Majara Residence


Hormuz, Iran


Completed in late 2020


“Majara,” after which the development is named, means adventure.

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