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Successfully revitalizing large urban areas involves surmounting numerous obstacles, working closely with stakeholders, and securing ample funding to complete the project as planned. This article explains the effort involved in transforming a dilapidated 66-acre district in downtown Montréal (Québec)--the Quartier international de Montréal (the international quarter of Montréal), the QIM--into a thriving neighborhood, one that since the city completed its seven-year-long QIM revitalization effort in late 2004 has given rise to a residential construction boom within this district. The article outlines the techniques that the project manager used to garner stakeholder (the city, area residents, and local businesses and landowners) support, secure financing, monitor project progress, and plan and schedule construction. It also identifies the key elements that enabled the project team to successfully realize this multiple-award-winning project. Accompanying this article are two sidebars: one identifies the unexpe
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