PM meets the challenge on Somincor's Neves Corvo tin project

a bold new vision of military procurement policy

In 1988, SOMINCOR (Sociedade Mineira de Neves-Corvo) awarded ICF Kaiser Engineers a $10 million contract to construct, manage, and commission a $70 million tin concentrator plant in the Neves Corvo mine complex of southern Portugal and do so within a year's time. This article profiles the various aspects of this successful project and includes a description of the basic engineering involved, the team organization, the procurement functions and construction management. The Kaiser Engineers Management System (KEMS) is a computer-based system that was developed to support project planning and control and provide a way to integrate data related to scheduling, estimating, cost, progress planning and control functions. KEMS is scalable to large or small projects and offers numerous benefits, including true integration of activities in all phases, the availability of information as a project resource, and on-line monitoring and control of 'real-time' data.
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