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résumés done right separate the best project talent from the pack

A traditional resume might seem like a relic in today's digital-driven project management world -- but it's still a job seeker's best friend. There's no doubt that social media profiles help project practitioners stay visible to hiring managers, who are increasingly searching for talent online. Forty-three percent of organizations say social professional networks are a top source for quality hires -- a 48 percent increase since 2011, according to LinkedIn's 2016 Global Recruiting Trends report. In the United States, 52 percent of employers used social media to research job candidates in 2015, up from 43 percent in the previous year, according to a Harris Poll conducted for CareerBuilder. But the resume, also called CV, still has a more universal appeal. In the United States, for instance, 93 percent of recruiters still rely on resumes to find top talent, according to Jobvite's 2015 study of more than 1,400 recruiters and human resources professional.
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