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  • Project Management Journal

    Who Supports Project Careers? member content locked

    By Huemann, Martina, | Ringhofer, Claudia | Keegan, Anne E. This exploratory research examines who supports what aspects of career development on projects. Our main finding is that, although project professionals receive support from formal and informal…

  • Project Management Journal

    Selecting Organizational Partners for Interorganizational Projects member content locked

    By Braun, Timo | Sydow, Jörg The selection of partners is critical for the success of interorganizational projects. Based on conceptual reasoning in light of prior research, as well as illustrative empirical insights into an…

  • Project Management Journal

    Strategic Value at the Front End of a Radical Innovation Program member content locked

    By Martinsuo, Miia Firms implement radical innovation programs to create strategic value. Ensuring the success of these programs may require involving the business network. This article pursues increased knowledge on…

  • PM Network

    Chain Demand member content locked

    Manufacturing, retail and logistics executives are clamoring for more real-time, end-to-end transparency of their supply chains. That desire is driving demand for digital supply chain investments,…

  • PM Network

    Breathing Room member content locked

    By Stetson, Chris Take a glance at the calendars of your project team members: Are they a back-to-back kaleidoscope of color with no break between meetings? In the short term, scheduling meetings like this can seem…

  • PM Network

    Relocation Restart member content locked

    By Scott, Lindsay Project management recruitment professional answers questions from the field regarding relocation, internships, and cover letters.

  • PM Network

    Home (Far) Away from Home member content locked

    The requirements list for a human habitat on Mars is lengthy: The buildings must be able to withstand extreme heat and bitter cold, shield colonizers from the sun's powerful radiation and be…

  • PM Network

    Barry Yim, PMP member content locked

    PM Network interviews Barry Yim, PMP, technical product manager at Moz, a software company in Vancouver, British Columbia.

  • Project Management Journal

    Crossing the Valley of Death member content locked

    By Midler, Christophe The last few decades have seen a profound transformation of innovation project management within automobile firms. During the 1990s, the product development phase was revolutionized by the…

  • Project Management Journal

    Modeling Organizational Project Management member content locked

    By Müller, Ralf | Drouin, Nathalie | Sankaran, Shankar The contemporary discourse on organizational project management (OPM) complements project, program, and portfolio management with emerging elements, such as governance, projectification, the project…


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