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  • PM Network

    The New Silicon Valleys member content locked

    Silicon Valley has long been considered the epicenter of the global technology industry. But that could be shifting, according to a 2019 KPMG survey.

  • PM Network

    Karen Cedeño, PMP member content locked

    PM Network interviews Karen Cedeño, PMP, project manager, controls and contracting at Trane in Panama City, Panama.

  • PM Network

    Healthy Outlook member content locked

    PM Network interviews Michael O'Connor, director of strategy and project management at Medtronic in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

  • PM Network

    Innovative Outliers member content locked

    By Parsi, Novid Static strategies don't last forever. Earlier this year, Uber expanded its strategy from ride-sharing to autonomous bikes and scooters. Beauty subscription service Birchbox developed and rolled out…

  • PM Network

    Stage Fright member content locked

    By Fister Gale, Sarah The show must go on. Now more than ever, this mantra applies to large events, where organizers invest heavily to entertain the masses for days or weeks. Yet as attendance at massive music and…

  • PM Network

    Snow Show member content locked

    Chanel fashion shows regularly grab international headlines. But what some might not realize is that the attention is just as much thanks to the brand's ambitious events project management as it is…

  • PM Network

    Ready, Set, Stretch member content locked

    By Bishel, Ashley A strategic skill set can guarantee a static career. But for project professionals eager to be recognized, get promoted or take on more ambitious and complex projects, an expansive skill set is a…

  • Project Management Journal

    Systemic View to Understanding Design Change Causation and Exploitation of Communications and Knowledge member content locked

    By Yap, Jeffrey Boon Hui | Skitmore, Martin | Gray, Jason | Shavarebi, Kamran Frequent changes pervasively undermine project schedule performance. Despite voluminous research into project delays, however, the persistence of the problem demands that a systemic approach be…

  • Project Management Journal

    Exploring the Factor-Performance Relationship of Integrated Project Delivery Projects member content locked

    By Yu, Jung Ho | Yoo, Seung Eun | Kim, Jung In | Kim, Tae Wan This study aims to explore the relationship between the critical success factors (CSFs) and the performance of integrated project delivery (IPD) projects based on empirical data from IPD projects.…

  • Project Management Journal

    Project Manager's Competences in Managing Project Closing member content locked

    By Wen, Qi | Qiang, Maoshan Closing is a strategic but frequently overlooked project phase, in which project managers play pivotal roles as project team leaders. This study pinpoints project managers' competences underpinning…


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