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    IoT Takeover member content locked

    Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic projects may be grabbing headlines around the globe, but a recent survey of tech leaders shows that it's internet of things (IoT) projects that are most…

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    A Place to Remember member content locked

    By Ali, Ambreen There's a 20,000-square-foot (1,858-squaremeter) warehouse in California, USA adorned floor-to-ceiling with 1950s decor, from photos of Elvis Presley to a working Ford Thunderbird. Despite the decor…

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    Familiar Faces member content locked

    By Bishel, Ashley Widespread use of facial recognition technology isn't just for phones anymore. Retail companies are launching projects to drive revenue, cut costs, eliminate theft and improve the customer…

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    A Sense of Safety member content locked

    By Parsi, Novid On construction projects, safety saves—both lives and money. In the European Union, more than one-fifth of all fatal workplace accidents happen in the construction sector, according to the European…

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    Making Waves member content locked

    The quest to build a machine that can accurately replicate oceanic waves has been both long and elusive. But news that surfing will be included in the 2020 Olympics in Japan has sparked a wave of…

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    R&D Race member content locked

    R&D can be the lifeblood of innovative initiatives, and an October PwC study shows that—across almost all regions and industries—the blood is pumping.

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    All Access member content locked

    By Bishel, Ashley Water park projects tend to be relatively straight-forward—unless wheelchairs are involved. Gordon Hartman realized that after launching a US$17 million project to design and build a nonprofit water…

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    Powerful Connections member content locked

    By Fister Gale, Sarah As Australia's largest telecom, Telstra needs to meet the expectations of its hyperconnected customers head-on. From mobile networks to home internet access to pay television, the company has…

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    Big Oil Bets Small member content locked

    By Thomas, Jen Major oil companies have long relied on a simple strategy: tap as much oil as possible by launching projects to build bigger, deeper, more complex wells. Now companies are looking at project sites…

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    Robots Invade Restaurants member content locked

    By Bishel, Ashley At Creator in San Francisco, California, USA, a glass-faced machine funnels brioche buns down a ramp, where they're sliced, toasted and topped. Another part of the machine grinds and cooks hamburger…


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