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  • PM Network

    Custom Connections member content locked

    By Bishel, Ashley Tight deadlines and new teams. The combination can seem like oil and water to project managers tasked with getting a project started—and swiftly—while trying to seed team cohesion and engagement.…

  • PM Network

    How to Fail Successfully member content locked

    By Oyvetsky, Marat We all love success stories. Most project case studies offer a happy ending after detailing obstacles and the solution that emerged. But we all know some projects fail—indeed, failure can become…

  • PM Network

    A Matter of Trust member content locked

    PM Network queries the community about delegation tips.

  • PM Network

    City Limits member content locked

    By Parsi, Novid The world needs new places to live. As city populations swell--and the pressure on those infrastructure systems follow suit--more project sponsors are launching ambitious initiatives to build new…

  • PM Network

    Change Agent in Plain Sight member content locked

    By Mustafa, Abid Digital transformation fatigue is setting in. After years of backing tech overhaul initiatives that fail to realize some or all promised benefits, some organizations are losing their appetite for…

  • PM Network

    Positive Influence registered user content locked

    By Smits, Karen A primary purpose of project leadership is to create a project culture. Such cultures are formed first and foremost through the process of creating a small-group identity. Sharing the project's goal…

  • PM Network

    Proactive Hindsight registered user content locked

    By Parsi, Novid Here are four ways project professionals can prepare for project closure, long before the end arrives: Seek feedback sooner than later; Show appreciation for candid insights; Be discerning about…

  • PM Network

    Alagesan Hanippuya, PMP registered user content locked

    PM Network interviews Alagesan Hanippuya, PMP, head of IT at RHB Banking Group, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

  • PM Network

    Conference Connections registered user content locked

    By Scott, Lindsay Project management recruitment professional Lindsay Scott gives advice about searching for jobs at professional events, acing interview presentations and leadership skills.

  • PM Network

    Temporary Influence registered user content locked

    By Masefield, Philipp Earlier this year, I took a four-month temporary role on a leadership team to cover for an extended sick leave. I had to start the job without a handover, as the executive who had held the position…


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