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  • Practitioner Application of Ethics in Ethical Decision-Making Within Projects: A Process Theory View member content locked

    By Elizabeth White Baker and Fred Niederman This article examines the approach and range of thinking project management practitioners apply when dealing with issues that have ethical considerations. This article presents a nuanced view of…

  • The Effect of Project Names on Escalation of Commitment in Information Systems Projects member content locked

    By Nick Benschop, Arno L. P. Nuijten, Mark Keil, Kristinka Wilmink, and Harry R. Commandeur This article explores how project names may influence the tendency to escalate commitment through two experiments. Experiment 1 shows that a positive project name evokes positive affective reactions…

  • Information Technology Project Management Research: A Review of Works by Influential Pioneers member content locked

    By Xiaosong (Jason) Wu, Jacob Chia-An Tsai, and Yang Lei Information technology project management practices effectively help organizations achieve IT value. This article employed a semistructured review with the practice of jizhuanti by tracing the…

  • Unintentional Programs: An Interproject Orientation for Aligning IT with Organizational Strategy member content locked

    By Eric T. G. Wang, Han-Chieh Chiou, and Jeffrey C. F. Tai This article proposes program orientation as an organizational culture that motivates organizations to manage interrelated projects like a program without a formal structure or program team. This…

  • On the Road to Digital Transformation: A Literature Review of IT Program Management member content locked

    By Xiaosong (Jason) Wu, Gary Klein, and James J. Jiang This article presents a conceptual and critical review of the IT program management literature that was conducted to determine the current research in achieving success and develop frameworks that…

  • The Effects of Transformational and Adaptive Leadership on Dynamic Capabilities: Digital Transformation Projects member content locked

    By Judy Y. H. Huang, Randi Jiang, and Jamie Y. T. Chang In this article, transformational leadership (TRL) and adaptive leadership (ADL) are proposed as successful approaches for managing changing behaviors and faster adaptation to new circumstances. An…

  • Program Management Within Digital Transformation: The Emerging Importance Of Technology Architecture, Product Management, and Human Capital Transformation member content locked

    By Andrew Gemino and Blaize Horner Reich The research in this article explores the management disciplines, both accepted and emerging, underlying program management in the context of digital transformation (DT). Case analyses from two DT…


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