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  • In Search of Project Management Principles member content locked

    By Nigel Blampied, Robert Buttrick, George Jucan, Crispin (“Kik”) Piney, Chris Stevens, Dave Violette, and R. Max Wideman The objective of this article is to determine whether a set of project management principles can be identified to serve as a common framework for developers and publishers of project management…

  • Principles in Project Portfolio Management: Building Upon What We Know to Prepare for the Future member content locked

    By Lars Kristian Hansen and Per Svejvig Since the 1950s, project portfolio management (PPM) has offered principles helping us to act in PPM-related situations. Our study integrates what we know by reviewing seven decades of PPM research.…

  • An Integrative Review of Project Portfolio Management Literature: Thematic Findings on Sustainability Mindset, Assessment, and Integration member content locked

    By Masoud Aghajani, Gesa Ruge, and Kam Jugdev Sustainability integration in project portfolio management helps shape strategic, organizational, and project-based contexts. The authors conducted a structured literature review from 2000 to 2021…

  • Developing Project Management Principles by Examining Codesign Practices in Innovative Contexts member content locked

    By Sandris Zeivots, Andrew Cram, and Dewa Wardak This article analyzes codesign practices within a series of innovation projects that have diverse stakeholders, initially ill-defined goals, and subjective success measures. Following a practitioner…

  • Empowering Users as a Principle of Construction Project Management member content locked

    By Hafsa Chbaly and Maude Brunet This systematic literature review aims to identify and compare the main participative approaches to empowering users in construction projects. Whereas different approaches are mobilized, findings…


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