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  • Bright and Dark Spots in Project Studies: Continuing Efforts to Advance Theory Development and Debate member content locked

    By Joana Giraldi, Jonas Söderlund, Alfons van Marrewijk In this special issue, we encouraged project scholars to be bold and construct their voices.

  • A Pragmatist Approach to Complexity Theorizing in Project Studies: Orders and Levels member content locked

    By Stephane Tywoniak, Lavagnon Ika, Christophe Bredillet The limitations of complexity theorizing in project studies are traced back to simplistic and reductionist theorizing strategies.

  • Why Do Business Organizations Participate in Projects? Toward a Typology of Project Value Domains member content locked

    By Vedran Zerjav Drawing on research on project value, we aim to build a contextual understanding of why business organizations choose to participate in projects.

  • Reframing Systems Integration: A Process Perspective on Projects member content locked

    By Jennifer Whyte, Andrew Davies We discuss implications and highlight areas for further research on large-scale technical systems achieved through project organizing.

  • Governing Collaborative Project Delivery as a Common-Pool Resource Scenario member content locked

    By Daniel M. Hall, Marcella M. Bonanomi Using IPD as an example, this article suggests these project governance structures reflect Ostrom’s design principles for the successful governance of long-enduring common-pool resource scenarios.

  • A Routine Dynamics Lens on the Stability-Change Dilemma in Project-Based Organizations member content locked

    By Lena E. Bygballe, Anna Swärd, Anna Live Vaagaasar A central issue in PBOs is how to balance the need for flexibly responding to changing customer demands and creating consistent performance in the organization at large.

  • Project Narratives That Potentially Perform and Change the Future member content locked

    By Natalya Sergeeva, Graham M. Winch This article develops a framework for applying organizational narrative theory to understand project narratives that potentially perform and change the future.


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