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  • New Editors and a New Editor-in-Chief: Making the Manifesto a Reality member content locked

    By Jonas Söderlund and Giorgio Locatelli This editorial outlines recent changes in the PMJ Editorial Board and discusses how the journal will move forward under the auspices of the Manifesto (Locatelli et al., 2023).

  • Governance Through Trust: Community Engagement in an Australian City Rebuilding Precinct member content locked

    By Johan Ninan, Stewart Clegg, Ashwin Mahalingam and Shankar Sankaran This article uses a case study approach and draws on both social exchange theory and power circle theory to understand the complex relationship between trust and governance. These strategies and…

  • The Effect of Public–Private Partnerships on Innovation in Infrastructure Delivery member content locked

    By Lucia Xiaoyan Liu, Stewart Clegg and Julien Pollack This report systematically explores the relationship between PPPs and innovation. The PPP model provides an environment for pre-contractual innovation, but limits risk and therefore inhibits…

  • Motivation of Young Project Professionals: Their Needs for Autonomy, Competence, Relatedness, and Purpose member content locked

    By Ruth Christine Lechler and Martina Huemann In this article, we examine the motivation of young project professionals in the framework of a case study. Based on the theory of self-determination, we define a conceptual model of the…

  • Extreme Schedule Strategies for Blitz Projects: Lessons from Specialty Field Hospitals During the COVID-19 Pandemic member content locked

    By Yongkui Li, He Chi, Mladen Radujkovic, Jianjun Wei and Xiyu Pan With increasing global crises like COVID-19, there is a growing need for rapid completion of projects, known as blitz projects. However, there is a lack of theoretical support and systematic…

  • Governing Public–Private Partnerships of Sustainable Construction Projects in An Opportunistic Setting member content locked

    By Rashid Maqbool and Harini Sridhar This research examines the importance of governance and stakeholder management in government-sponsored public-private partnership (PPP) projects in the UK. The study includes a survey and case study…

  • Exploring Sustainable Operations Management in Major Infrastructure Projects: The Case of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge member content locked

    By Ting Luo, Xiaolong Xue and Minggong Zhang This study examines sustainable operations management (SOM) in major infrastructure projects (MIPs). The study defines MIP-SOM and explores sustainability improvement in MIP operations management…


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